Hi Folks,

Over the next 5 weeks we want to discuss the following top measures to accelerate business growth:

  1. Build an innovative, scalable and low-cost demand generation model – one that is eventually recognized in the industry for delivering 2x performance of its nearest competitor.
  2. Dramatically enhance the customer acquisition process, with a concentration on improving close rates through higher quality leads.
  3. Stimulate growth within new and existing customer segments through higher brand awareness, reduced churn of existing customers, and dramatically higher levels of customer satisfaction, delight and advocacy.
  4. Develop a dashboard populated with a set of KPIs that are used to monitor, improve and report on business, growth and marketing performance.
  5. Build a world class inbound marketing team that is viewed as a value-added partner by colleagues in the Sales and Product organizations.

Looking forward to a lively discussion.

Sebastian Grodzietzki

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