Hi All,

Welcome to our final blog on growth measures.

This time we want to discuss:
5. Build a world class inbound marketing team that is viewed as a value-added partner by colleagues in the Sales and Product organizations.

A leading edge inbound marketing team requires experts specifically in SEM/SEO/SEA, affiliate marketing, PR, social media marketing, content marketing, and media design.

The team should have a good understanding of technology and needs to be able to transform/explain/promote features in a way that exposes the business value, customer advantage and benefits instead of just listing the pure product features itself. Creativity and humor are other key attributes of each team player to tease the outside world and make the entire globe eager to get in touch with us and use our products. We would need at least one modern, and a little bit crazy, media designer for the visuals within all marketing/sales assets.

Also Thought Leadership topics need to be actively driven to provide more than only insights into products – a visionary mindset, and a will to share is another very important asset of that team.

Needless to say that the team should have a great social media footprint with a network of multiplicators in press, at analysts, in the blogger scene, etc.

Last but not least, they should all be great team players, open-minded, and have the right sense of business acum to understand their individual impact to the company’s business.

Please reach out with any thoughts!


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