I hope you enjoyed our past weeks of growth insights.

I wanted to quickly add: What else should be in focus to achieve growth:

  • Set the right targets / make them a challenge
  • Recognize the top performers / make them feel like winners; they need to stay
  • Have a clear, easy to understand market positioning with strong USPs
  • Have a bold vision and mission
  • Ship non-disruptive product innovations / aim for “zero” maintenance downtime / make upgrades easy and fast to adopt by all users
  • The product roadmap should be strategic – mix of market/business and existing customers needs (what can be sold vs. what reduces support tickets?!)
  • Bundling and packaging with own and 3rd party solutions in a creative way
  • Pricing: are we compelling? Could we be more expensive? Which models and options would increase total revenues per customer lifetime (up-/cross-sell)? Bundle prices? Reseller models? …
  • Service portfolio: what do we offer in consulting, training, coaching, support? Enterprise customers, standard vs. premium offers?
  • Internal enablement: do we know and are we doing what/how we should? Best practices? Employee onboarding, updates, briefings (new releases, new sales assets, etc.), shadowing, lessons learned, …

Happy to get your thoughts.

Sebastian Grodzietzki

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