Today I would like to suggest the ideal 100 day plan within a new executive Position. Have fun reading:

Day 1 – 30 / week 1 – 4
Touch base, read & learn
Get to know the product, value prop, (leadership) team, internal processes, go-to-market, company vision and exit plan. Check the product market fit, product development & distribution, customer sales & success processes.
What is the status quo: what works, what doesn’t? How is the product (portfolio) performing per region, vertical, segment, sales rep, etc.? What reporting/measurement of performance is in place?

Day 30 – 60 / week 4 – 8
Listen & inspire
Talk to the veterans who are in the company since years and have a bunch of experience, and join the sales reps out in the field – so you get best insights on good and bad, as they are at the pulse of the business – at your customers – and can tell what needs to be kept and changed.
Meet with key customers to learn firsthand which demand they have, why they picked your solution, what competitors they evaluated or used earlier.

Form your vision (with rough steps; too early for specific details) and make sure the team understands it to march into the same direction, and they get to know your leadership style and you.
Introduce monthly status meetings with business-impacting KPIs, reported by the team heads – and also make clear how you want to be measured yourself. Uncover issues in growth, profitability and innovation areas.

Day 60 – 90 / week 8 – 12
Plan & act
Challenge the plan of each team. Can we get better? Reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC)? Increase margin and usage/users? Accelerate growth and innovation? Etc.
How can we exceed on all targets? Execute internal workshops, and derive action plans with more business impact.

Drive individual handshakes across all teams.

Day 90 – 100 / week 13
Check & improve
Review progress and adjust/enable where required…

Looking forward to your comments.


Sebastian Grodzietzki

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