Post-Holiday-Syndrome…or: I hate my job! – A survival guide…

Dear All,

I’m actually not quite sure why people are complaining about their jobs, their colleagues, or their boss over and over again, instead of changes something………my credo is: love it, change it, or leave it…

Anyways, for those of you who return from vacation and hate to get back into the office, the so-called “Post-Holiday-Syndrome” can get compensated by these measures, following to Süddeutsche Zeitung:

  • Office Gossip: yip, you’re part of a soap…we all are…and there is always someone with greater problems than yours… 😉
  • Good coffee: enjoy the taste and the caffeine boost
  • Don’t think too much about day 1, just pop-up in the office and take what comes up
  • Continue (at least a few) of the rituals you had during vacation, i.e. finish the book you started, or wear your sun glasses
  • Put your first day after vacation to a Wednesday or Thursday (or Friday 😉 …get your mails done and enjoy the weekend-break… (btw: I see so many people now doing 4-day weeks, think about it!)
  • Control your bio-rhythm -> go to bed early…and leave your bed/house totally refreshed
  • Put your favorite tasks to day 1: meet the loveliest customers, do a brainstorming to plan the next quarter, etc.
  • Bring a nice souvenir, and put it on your desk – remember, dream, …and dive into work slowly…and not too deep ;D
  • Plan your next vacation…and do not forget talk about it, and the one which just ended… 😉

Sebastian Grodzietzki

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